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Setting the Record Straight on Gaiters

Chris Bernat is willing to stick his neck out for gaiters.

The chief revenue officer of Vapor Apparel (asi/93396) was unhappy with the way the national media was portraying a Duke University study that measured mask efficiency. Researchers used a laser, box and smart phone to measure how many respiratory droplets were able to pass through more than a dozen different types of face coverings. Included in the mix was a neck gaiter that scientists had lying around. The gaiter proved the least effective of the bunch.

Duke researchers were up front in noting that their study was never meant to be a comprehensive test of all face coverings, but rather a demonstration of how easy and inexpensive it would be for manufacturers to set up their own test for respiratory droplets. Still, the tidbit about neck gaiters was what made headlines, spreading quickly across the country. That had an immediate effect on suppliers in the promotional products industry.

Bernat contacted the authors of the study, a reporter at The Washington Post and others who wrote about the viral mask study to explain that not all gaiters are the same. Just as with a mask, Bernat emphasized, much of the effectiveness of a gaiter depends on its construction: How heavy is it? How tight is the weave of the fabric? Is it long enough to be doubled up? Is a person wearing the correct size?

Republished from PROMO INSIDERS 8/20/2020, Interview by  Theresa Hegel, executive editor of digital content at ASI.  Please on the link to listen to the 30 minute podcast.


sixtwentysixSetting the Record Straight on Gaiters

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