Six Twenty Six coordinated customization of the bottles,  QR Code Decal development & printing, printing of Tri-Fold Insert Brochure [Customized Inserts], as well as the actual Fill-It-Forward App Landing Page.

With these program features in place, the individual recipient was able to track their own water intake, as well as the program’s positive impact on sustainability/good will through the supplier’s Honorable Giving program.

Six Twenty Six coordinated domestic and international event location shipments, handling dock-to-dock arrangements ensuring on-time delivery in the budget as quoted,  Program was very successful and client is planning to engage global recipients with this program.

Engagement Program – Drinkware to Promote Sustainability

Six Twenty Six assisted Technology Client with procurement & custom development of Specialty Drinkware  that is not just a “give-away” but also offers a way to measure sustainability metrics for plastic use reduction, and has a honorable “give-back” function, where you “drink a glass and give a glass” of clean water through a watershed funding program linked to this promotion.

Drinkware – The #2 Promotional Item – Kept for 12 months+