We guarantee the safety of every single product we sell.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Six Twenty Six is meticulous about sourcing safely manufactured products that meet industry compliance standards.  We guarantee the safety of every product we sell.  Above all, we ensure that every promotional item that you attach to your brand represents your impeccable values.

Tracking Labels for Children’s Products

Promotional products and apparel designed or intended for use by children ages 12 or younger must have distinguishing permanent marks (generally referred to as “tracking labels”) affixed to the product and its packaging per the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Tracking labels must contain certain basic information including:

  1. Name of the manufacturer or private label company
  2. Location and date of production of the product
  3. Detailed information on the manufacturing process, such as a batch or run number, or other identifying characteristics
  4. Any other information to facilitate ascertaining the specific source of the product.

To see the published information regarding tracking label requirement for children’s products, visit:  Consumer Product Safety Commission Tracking Label Requirements.
Or, review section 103 in this public document:  Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for Business Manufacturing & Education

Innovations in product development with a focus on wellness

Factories are working to find ways to make the textile and products being developed to address new concerns.  For example, masks, apparel & other product categories can have special ingredients added during manufacturing to increase the product’s safety benefits.

Privaguard, featured by The Koozie Group (previously Bic Graphic USA), is added to plastic products and mousepads to assist in maintaining the product freshness, fight undesired odors, and lessen staining with anti-microbial properties.  This additive can also protect against product degradation by suppressing the growth of bacteria & fungi on the item, keeping your hands & workspace cleaner.  For more information, check out this blog story: Protect With Prevaguard.

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