Sustainability is critical and plays a part in our social compliance commitment.

On October 1, 2020, Six Twenty Six, LLC implemented a Reforestation Recognition Program to honor client partnerships and reinforce our commitment to sustainability.

With every order invoiced, Six Twenty Six will plant one tree in our forest to commemorate each client program, while reducing our carbon footprint by renewing a global resource in North America that has been detrimentally affected by climate change.

This quarterly recognition program is a symbol of our growing relationships, as the trees  grow in the Six Twenty Six Forest.

Six Twenty Six utilizes the UPS Carbon-Neutral Shipping Program in accordance with our social compliance goals.

Six Twenty Six has been participating in this shipping giant’s journey since 2005.  The breadth of the United Parcel Service’s Sustainability Efforts is broad and valuable.

Visit the UPS Social Impact page to find more information regarding the details of their Carbon Neutral Shipping program, as well reporting that tells a great story about this company’s mission towards operating with a focus on environmental & social responsibilities at the forefront of their plan.

The Six Twenty Six Home Office:
1) Is Solar – and, after 8 years, we continuously give back to the grid!
2) Has an RO Filter so no bottled water is brought in – thus reducing plastic waste.
3) Has a Soda Stream Machine so we can carbonate our drinking water or soda.
4) Has a filter on the outdoor hose so the plants water is clean too.

Closed-Loop Cotton – The most responsible apparel for our planet!

We ensure that every promotional item that you attach to your brand represents impeccable values. The Everywhere® apparel we offer creates the following impact per 500 shirts:

  • Saves 404,450 gallons of water
  • ~1/20 of the carbon emissions
  • Reduces landfill waste by 313 lbs

To learn more about our efforts and our closed-loop system, click here.

You can be confident that Michele and her team stay abreast of the most important aspects of the chain supply process so Six Twenty Six can deliver on time and in budget. When you partner with Six Twenty Six, the team is tasked to ensure that every aspect of your engagement campaign is exceptional – from ideation to delivery to final recipient response.

Please schedulevirtual meeting or send a message to Michele to discuss how Six Twenty Six can assist in delivering your brand message to varied markets through unique products offering high marketing value and returns.

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